Jace is a tireless rebel of the status quo. She is a heart-centered badass on a mission to guide others to their inherent magnitude. 

Working remotely from her 1972 travel trailer Luna Rae, Jace runs The illumitorium, an online trauma-informed playcademy for recovery and thriving.

As a facilitator and speaker she brings a warm and refreshing voice to any topic. She has the ability to lead others into their scariest places with a sense of calmness, courage and confidence.

She is also the founder of You Got This! Recovery, a holistic program for addiction recovery that is science-based and Spirit-led. 

Jace has been featured internationally on television, podcasts, magazines, websites and documentary film for her work de-stigmatizing addiction and trauma.

She’s fun and gives amazing hugs. If you meet her, you’ll probably like her!

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