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What is a Container?


If you've come across any kind of healing work, whether that is with a shamanic practitioner, coach, guide, reiki master, and sometimes even with a traditional therapist, you have likely heard the word "container" used. It is a somewhat elusive term that is the cornerstone of what makes healing work possible. 

In today's post, we're going to talk about what that container is and why it's important. 

Put simply, a container is a safe space created and protected by energy. I'm not talking about good vibes type of energy here. The "wrappings" of a container require the intentional management of the Universal energy that makes up and unites all things. It is the energy that transcends and connects dimensions. If you're going to be doing inner work, it is really important to do so within a container. 


This container may sound a little on the magical side of things, and it can feel that way as well. It's something that our rational mind doesn't want to get on board with, but we know it when we feel it.

Have you ever experienced a person who you just felt safe talking with? You may have even said to her/him, "I have no idea why I'm telling you all this stuff. I don't usually share this with anyone." She or he likely had a relationship with energy and was able to hold you in that safe space, perhaps without even knowing it. There are many natural healers among us who walk around with these containers kind of "built in". Those who work in the healing arts, develop strong intimacy with energy and engage it strategically for your highest good. It may be hard for the rational mind to understand, but it is very powerful in practice.


When we are in the container, we feel safer, braver and stronger. It happens imperceptibly, but allows us to go deeper and explore what otherwise may have felt too scary. 

This is why doing inner work with healer is really important. It makes everything go a lot smoother and easier. Take it from someone who did much of this scary work outside the container, it added a lot of unnecessary suffering into the mix and everything took a lot longer.

Now it's a no-brainer for me to go to a healer when I need to do some deep work. It's the equivalent of jumping on a plane to get across the country opposed to walking barefoot the length of the nation. 


Healers bring experience, skill, knowledge and well-earned tools with them which results in a shortcut for you!


As Rumi says, 

Whoever enters the Way without a guide will take a hundred years to travel a two-day journey.


If you're ready to switch up something in your life, I highly encourage you to seek out a healer you vibe with and benefit from the hard work they did for you - especially the magic of that amazing container. It is worth's the investment of time and money because it actually requires less of both than doing it on your own.

Don't take my word for it; try it for yourself and see what happens!

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