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Even If No One Else Cares...

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At the beginning of October I stepped up to participate in The Ultimate Blog Challenge, which entails writing and posting daily for the entire month. Now that the challenge has come to a close, I'll share with you the most important thing I learned and throw a challenge your way!


In my original post for the challenge I talked about how I love writing but wasn't prioritizing it. It wasn't something I did every day. Now that I have been doing it daily* I discovered it's one of the things I love doing even if no one else cares.

The time spent on my back porch creating through the written word fills me with life. It flows energy through me and connects me with the life around me.

The act of writing brings me joy even if it goes unread. 

That is a pretty good indicator for me on this journey of intimate self-discovery of why I'm here.

I used to believe feeling joy and energized were frivolous; that the journey had to be difficult and painful. Now I know that these are roadsigns indicating the direction for me to move in. Feeling joyous and energized does not take us away from the work; it lets us know we're in it properly.


My challenge to you is to explore the activities in your life and see if any fill you with joy and life and energy. Look for those you would happily do even if no one else ever cared. 


Already know what they are? Tell us about them!


*If you notice on my blog here that there aren't 31 days worth of content, that is because I was also blogging through a different site. If you wanna see what you missed, check out!



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