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The Most Unmet Human Need

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I want to keep my post short today because it really is simple. 


I don't often make blanket statements or recommendations. I believe we are all on our own path with our own purpose and live lives that honor that. However, I have found one thing to be true across the board no matter what. Or perhaps it would be more accurate to say that I have yet to come across an exception.

Your first thought at the end of this post might be that you are the exception. And who am I to say otherwise? But for the sake of limitless living, I encourage you to consider that you are not the exception to this and act as if this goes for you too.

Try it out for awhile and see how it shakes out. You can always go back to what you were doing before if it doesn't work for you.


So, the universal truth I have yet to find an exception for is this: No one is meant to do this life-thing alone. We all need connection. 


It seems that connection is pretty deeply engrained in the human being. I believe it is a basic human need right alongside oxygen, water, food and shelter. It's not a weakness or a limitation or a lacking in yourself. And yet, so many of us try to do so much alone.

Are you weak for needing food every day?

Is it a personal failing that you have to keep consuming water to stay alive?

Are you useless because you can't withstand the elements with just your human flesh?

Should we consider you a fuck up every single time you inhale oxygen?


Then why do so many of us find it so hard to accept our basic human need for connection???


I'm not going to offer up any answers for that. I leave it with you to ponder.

Just remember, it's much more likely that you are NOT an exception to this seemingly universal truth. 




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