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What is My Big Dream?

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It's funny, part of what I do is help people live their dream lives, yet I have kept my dream pretty close to the chest.


It's not something I share with a lot of people. I thought I'd switch that up today by telling you a bit of my dream. 


I have many personal aspirations, such as becoming a published author, traveling the world as an exceptional speaker and facilitating life changing retreats in amazing destinations. However, my BIG dream is a lot quieter than all of that.


When I close my eyes to fall asleep at night I envision a place where mountains loom in the near distance, butterflies dance in fields of lavender and the soil is black and eager.


On this country land is a comfy blue house with a big wraparound porch where the dogs nap in the afternoon and members of our soul family join us for meals prepared from the garden. 

I wake up in the morning to fresh country air. I put on my old jeans and work boots to go down to feed the animals. We have pygmy goats and miniature donkeys and chickens and a rooster named Watson. Sentient horses graze nearby. The pups follow me down to the pens with curious noses.



The surrounding land is green and breathing. It's so quiet here you can hear the heartbeat of the Earth sync up with yours.


This homestead has many acres, and on them are cottages and buildings so that others can come here to enjoy the magic of this place. A rustic old barn has been converted to a meeting room so retreats can be held here comfortably. There is a beautiful temple space hidden within the trees for meditation, contemplation and connection. Outside is a labyrinth and flower garden.


In my head one of the cottages is a hobbit hole that acts as a library and can house guests.



I have an office just off of the house where I write, prepare talks and work with people digitally. It is full of light and creative energy. A doggy door makes it easy for Indiana and Charlie to visit me throughout the day. 


The land has trails where sunbeams paint the path through parted branches of hundred year old trees. A stream running alongside is the loudest element on the place. A log cabin by the lake is a favorite among guests.



Art has been woven into the fabric of my dream place. The entire homestead is old and new and timeless. You've never been anywhere like it. 



And yet, it is not just my home. This is a place open to anyone who feels called to be here. Some people come for a restful weekend, others stay on longer to help me with the land and to let the land help open their hearts.


This is a place of love, healing, creativity and revitalization. 


If you've ever felt you don't belong anywhere, you will belong here.

If you've ever believed you weren't enough, this place will open your eyes to the truth. 

If you long for a home you can't remember, you will find a piece of it here. 



As far as selfish things go, this dream is my Why for doing all of this work. I work on myself to be prepared to act as custodian of this sacred space, and it is my main motivating factor for working to grow my financial standing. 


In my heart I call this place River Rove, and I hope to meet you there someday. 


I'd love to hear about your big dream in the comments below!



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