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Taking on a New Challenge & Facing the Truth

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It is October 1, 2019. This marks Day 1 of the Ultimate Blog Challenge - a one month initiative to write every day. I've never participated in anything like this. I'm more excited than anything. I love to write, yet I don't always have the discipline to sit down and do it daily.

This challenge is not just a way for me to write some new words but to eat the ones I'm always putting out there to y'all.

One of the strongest beliefs I hold is that we cannot thrive alone. Yes, we can survive alone, but we cannot thrive in isolation. I 100% believe that, AND I ignore it as much as the next guy. 

I love to write, but I don't do it every day. Why not? Well, I could come up with all these reasons like "I'm busy" or "I get blocked" or "I just have so much else to do right now" but the simple truth is I don't prioritize it.


Do you know what the easiest way to determine your priorities is? Look at where your time and energy goes. Those are your priorities.


Sure we can say that our priorities are health and family and helping the environment, but our time shows that our real priorities are zoning out, our own convenience and staying comfortable. It may not sound pretty, but that doesn't make it untrue. There are no stones to be thrown here; I reside in that glass house all too often. I'm literally trying to quickly finish this post up so I can go watch The Good Life on Netflix before having to go to a meeting. 


Enter the Ultimate Blog Challenge. It offers some key ingredients for thriving. The biggest of which is community. Yes, there are prompts to get my imagination going and tips to aid in my writing, but those aren't half as valuable as the community built up around this thing. In order for anyone to participate they must engage with other people's content. This is a win-win-win: 1. They get more readers to their page. 2. I get to expand my perspective by reading other people's content every day. 3. Other people will be engaging with my content as well. That is what community is all about. Combined efforts for the good of all. That is so my jam! 

It also brings in the elements of accountability, deadlines, encouragement and support. These are really tough things to have when alone and really important for thriving.

So, I am making writing a priority in the month of October, and you can hold me to that here in our community!


If you take anything away from this post, don't let it be fear of the many many posts coming your way this month or judgement for my personal desire to zone out right now. Nay, let it be a reminder of the crucial role of community for thriving in any area and encouragement for you to go find a community that's right for you.


Now get out there and THRIVE!



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