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There's Nothing Wrong with You

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If you feel you are not happy with who you are, do not be fooled into thinking this is because something is wrong with you.

Nothing can ever be wrong with you. In truth, you are perfect (though perfect may not look exactly as you expected). 

Instead consider this feeling of dissatisfaction with yourself to be a clue that you are out of alignment with self. 

It is not difficult to be out of alignment with self. In fact, it is a process that begins the moment someone feels uncomfortable and targets you as the source of that discomfort. 

Let me explain.

Think of a child who loves to sing and play - as so many children do. This is a natural, and even lovely, state of being for a kid. One evening the family goes to dinner with Dad's colleagues. It is a long dinner, and eventually the child gets restless - as so many children would. To entertain himself he begins to sing a song. This starts to attract attention. Dad feels embarrassed and scolds the child, tells him to be quiet like the good children at the next table, threatens punishment if the child makes additional noise.

Does the young child think to himself, "Dad had no intention to be mean and belittle me. He simply responded from an emotional state because he was worried of receiving a negative opinion of himself from his colleagues. His reaction truly had nothing to do with me. I know his past actions serve as evidence that I am loved and accepted"?

Of course he doesn't! He can't.

No, instead he receives a message that he is bad for being himself, should try to be like others who are perceived to be good and will lose his father's love and acceptance if he doesn't change. And in this moment his alignment is thrown off. 

Now consider the thousands - hundreds of thousands - of moments like this that happen throughout childhood, throughout a lifetime.

By the time you have that feeling you aren't happy with yourself, your alignment is so far off that you may have little-to-no memory of your true perfect self. Thus you assume the feeling of dissatisfaction must be due to who you are.


It is just a friendly alert that your alignment needs adjusting.


Getting into alignment is no simple task. It has been shifting off course for a lifetime. There won't be a quick fix to resolve it.

Additionally, a lot of people benefit from you being out of alignment, you not recognizing your true perfect self. People close to you likely benefit from it - most unconsciously. For example, the little boy from our story may grow up to be a people-pleaser, eager to cater to others in the hopes of earning their acceptance. That is going to be super convenient for those people. They may not be stoked that he is shifting out of that when he decides to realign with his true self.

Moreover, A LOT of people make big money from you being out of alignment. If you connected with your true self, recognized your perfection and no longer believed you needed to fix yourself, how likely would you be to purchase items for physical beauty, material status or escape? 

Mega industries rely on you being out of alignment for their profit, and they have nestled themselves so deeply into our society that it is hard to ignore them.

As inconvenient as this is, realigning to your true self is not easy and cannot happen overnight. Anyone who says otherwise is likely trying to sell you something that is very unlikely to have lasting results.

This particular blog post isn't intended to give you a How To for alignment. It is simply to offer a different perspective. I invite you to consider that your feeling of dissatisfaction isn't tied to something being wrong with you. It is the natural discomfort that comes from not being aligned with who you truly are. 

I encourage you to reach out to me if you've spent some time pondering this and think there may be something to it that you'd like to explore further. Hit me up through the Connect page should this call to you.

You may not see it, but you are truly enough just as you are today.

Written with love,

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