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Time Travel is Real

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How much time do you spend reflecting on your past?

If you're like most people, reflections tend to fall on all of the times you misspoke, misstepped, misunderstood or simply missed out. Our present can be plagued by I should have done _____________ differently from the past, which has a grave effect on your future (not to mention ruining the present moment).


Does your mind wander into the future?

For many, this brings worry about the unknown. Stress over that which can't be controlled because it exists elusively down the timeline.


What if I could teach you to alter the past and change the future?


You may be thinking "that's not possible, Jace." And you'd be incorrect. We have more control over time than we recognize. Do you want to know the funniest part? It's actually pretty easy!


It's true that most of us can't travel through time; however, Time, itself, travels, and we do have control of what we send with it. 

I am writing this on October 22, 2019. Right now we call this day "today." Everything I choose to do today will be done in the present. My choices, thoughts and actions are happening right now. 

Duh, Jace!

HOWEVER, on October 23rd this day will now be "the past". It will have traveled backward in time taking all of my choices, thoughts and actions with it. I will not have moved forward in time because I will still be experiencing today - the present now.

Simply put, everything you do today will become your past (and sooner than you think), and you absolutely have control over what you do today, what you think today, the choices you make today. You are creating your past right now.

What would you like to be able to reflect on in your past in the future?

Ah the future. How can we control something that doesn't exist yet?! Can we really send things forward in time???


Of course we can! Your future is nothing more than an accumulation of every today that has come before it. What you do today, what you think today, the choices you make today create your future. Naturally you will never experience your future because you will remain right where you always are: today - the present now. What you experience in the "future" nows depends heavily on your actions, thoughts and choices in today's now. 

That time you spend worrying and stressing out about the future is better invested in the now - the results of which will directly correlate with the future you have "then".

You only have direct control over one aspect of time - right now, which is actually great because you are always in it!

Today is your present, past and  future.

What will you do today?

What will you think today?

What will you choose today?

What will you be sending Time with on its travels?



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