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Two Minute Tools: Your Agenda

Jul 08, 2019


The best way to ensure a successful day is to have your agenda planned the night before. 


Having your agenda done the night before means that as soon as you wake up you are in action mode instead of in thinking and planning mode. You hit the ground running as soon as you get up. Maybe for you, you wake up and you're in silent prayer and meditation or you know something that doesn't feel very active, but you are already engaging with your day in a proactive way. 


It will change your day; I guarantee it.


The best way to do that is to sit down at the end of your day and do a review of the day that has just come. Look at the things that you did that were beneficial and those that you didn't get done, whatever you have to do, set your agenda for the next day, and plan it around your known energy levels. 


Are you at your most productive in the morning? Great! Put your really important tasks there.  


Do you need to be in a creative mode and you’re best with creativity late at night? Great! Build that into your agenda. 


Figure out what works best for you (another reason awareness comes into such a big role in our recovery and life). Build your agenda the day before so you can start your day in action instead of in planning mode!


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