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Two Minute Tools: Creativity!

Jul 05, 2019


Today's tool - get creative!

Find some creative outlet that you dig and engage in it regularly.

Why? One: it's fun - do fun things in life. If creativity hasn't been fun for you in the past, find something that is fun for you. I used to think creativity was all about art, like painting and drawing and things like that, but that's not true. There are tons of activities where you can be creative. It's fun that's one of the reasons, but also recovery is really really hard (if you haven't noticed yet); it's really hard, and it takes a ton, and the tools that work one day just don't make an impact the next.


You have to be creative and utilize all parts of your brain if you really want to get serious about holistic recovery and living a super full amazing life.


Creativity doesn't just come out of nowhere. The idea that some people are creative and some aren't is a lie. Creativity is actually part of our brains; it engages parts of the brain that we all have, and it's just a matter of engaging them regularly until it becomes natural for you.

That is essential 
because you're going to have to get creative and be resourceful in your recovery if you're gonna see it through for the long-term and if you're going to go beyond sobriety into your boldly satisfying life. So test out a bunch of different activities get creative with your creativity!


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