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Mini Meditation Post

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There is a myth going around about meditation and it super sucks because it blocks a lot of people from the most powerful tool in the toolkit -awareness. Any transformation journey, whether it's recovering from addiction or anything else, requires awareness as a foundation for any kind of major change.

Meditation is the practice of expanding awareness and learning to control the mind. A lot of people give up on meditation because they are frustrated. They sit there and they try to have a quiet mind and they don’t; it's really loud and crazy (because they're a human), and so they think they're bad at it and they quit. In actuality, meditation is a very active practice. It is a training modality of being in the present moment, and then the mind leaves the present moment and you realize it and you come back to the present moment, and then the mind wanders off, and you realize it and you come back to the present moment.


The moment you realize you're no longer in the present moment you're actually back in the present moment! #winning!
(is that reference too old at this point...?)


That is the purpose of meditation. If you were sitting there silently with no thoughts going on you wouldn't actually be changing the brain or receiving any of the amazing benefits that come from meditation.

So if you want to
enhance your life and recovery in a big way, incorporate a silent daily meditation practice and just watch the awesome benefits start rolling in!


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