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You Are the Expert of Yourself and Your Life

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Nobody knows you like you know you. You are the expert of yourself and your life. 

If you're not, you're in for a lifetime of anxiety and discontent.


Of course it can be helpful to seek counsel outside of yourself, but only if used as a tool to reveal the truth inside yourself. I always encourage everyone to seek advice but never take it. People do things because they believe they are the best options for them; however, this often gets translated to those options being "the best" full stop. Because it works well for that person, they assume it simply works well, period. Most people do not consider how we are each different and here for different reasons. 


This can be a little annoying at times, but really it's not that person's job to know you well. That's your job. The better you know yourself, the more you'll know what to do in your life, what is right for you, what the best option for you is.


You are the expert, and who better to listen to than the expert?


When you intimately know yourself and your Self, you'll know what is true for you and what options strengthen and uplift that truth. Only then are you able to make powerful choices that result in profound living. 

As in any field, becoming an expert takes time and effort.


Considering you are the only true constant throughout your life, can you think of a better investment? 


Having regular anxiety or feeling lost are solid signs that one does not fully know one's true self. Life seems like an ongoing struggle in the dark. Frustration and confusion persist. Discontent looms in the peripheral.

This is so common these days that it seems normal - that's just life. It doesn't have to be. There are other options.


I invite you to contact me when you're ready to explore the alternatives! 



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