A Shortcut to End Your Suffering


I believe there are many options for paths to travel here on the physical plane that we call Life, Reality, Earth. I reckon they each come with different roles and reasons.

I can only speak for what I've learned on the path of the sacred warrior, that which I travel this time around. If that is also the one you are walking in this lifetime, here is one of the most valuable lessons I've gained that has helped make the journey smoother.


Absolutely everything you...

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What I Learned from Being Homeless

healing self-love Oct 15, 2019

For about eight weeks this summer I was without a home. As you can imagine, it was a pretty challenging time. But I gotta tell ya, I gained an awful lot by living with less.


I learned some invaluable lessons during this difficult time that resulted in gifts I can carry with me for the rest of my days (which will hopefully all be spent somewhere safe and comfortable).


Lesson #1: The Universe always provides. 

That may sound a little strange. Your first thought...

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What is a Container?

healing Oct 14, 2019

If you've come across any kind of healing work, whether that is with a shamanic practitioner, coach, guide, reiki master, and sometimes even with a traditional therapist, you have likely heard the word "container" used. It is a somewhat elusive term that is the cornerstone of what makes healing work possible. 

In today's post, we're going to talk about what that container is and why it's important. 

Put simply, a container is a safe space created and protected by...

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