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Time Travel is Real

happiness mindfulness tools Oct 22, 2019


How much time do you spend reflecting on your past?

If you're like most people, reflections tend to fall on all of the times you misspoke, misstepped, misunderstood or simply missed out. Our present can be plagued by I should have done _____________ differently from the past, which has a grave effect on your future (not to mention ruining the present moment).


Does your mind wander into the future?

For many, this brings worry about the unknown. Stress over that which...

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How to Have More Fun More Often!

mindfulness self-love tools Oct 17, 2019

Fun is not universal.

That may be common knowledge, but it is something I learned not long ago. After I got sober, fun was one of the many parts of my life I had to reexamine. It was one of the most surprising parts of my life I had to reexamine. 

It never occurred to me that fun is a conscious choice just like every other area we talk about in here. There are no objective fun activities.


I think reading about spiritual growth and self-development is super fun,...

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How to Become a Witness of Your Own Life

mindfulness self love Oct 08, 2019


A really important element in self-love is being able to use information about yourself to optimize your life.


Self-love is wonderful all on its own. It will change your life, your relationships, your finances, your desires, pretty much everything. If there is only ONE thing to invest in, I'd say self-love hands-down. 

As we discussed in an earlier post, a big part of self-love is knowing your Self. I always say "you can't love it if you don't know it, and you can't...

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3 Ways to Get to Know Your Self

mindfulness self love Oct 06, 2019

The thing about Self love is, you kinda need to have some time to yourself to develop it. 

Of course we are communal creatures by nature, and it's important to experience life with others; however, spending time with just your Self is really the only way to explore it and grow intimate with it. 

A way that helps me process this is to think of my inner Self as another person.

If I were interested in getting to know a new friend, I'd spend some time with her. I would learn about her,...

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Is this Shortcut Limiting Your Life?


Upon initial introductions people often want a list of credentials to gauge your value. I totally get it. It is a really easy way to determine if someone has been given the stamp of approval externally instead of trying to figure that out internally. 

I see two issues with this, however.

1.) It places a person's value on a piece of paper. No paper = No value. I think we all know how silly that really is. Lots of people who don't show up positively in the world have all sorts of...

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There's Nothing Wrong with You

If you feel you are not happy with who you are, do not be fooled into thinking this is because something is wrong with you.

Nothing can ever be wrong with you. In truth, you are perfect (though perfect may not look exactly as you expected). 

Instead consider this feeling of dissatisfaction with yourself to be a clue that you are out of alignment with self. 

It is not difficult to be out of alignment with self. In fact, it is a process that begins the moment someone feels...

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Mini Meditation Post

mindfulness tools Jul 03, 2019

There is a myth going around about meditation and it super sucks because it blocks a lot of people from the most powerful tool in the toolkit -awareness. Any transformation journey, whether it's recovering from addiction or anything else, requires awareness as a foundation for any kind of major change.

Meditation is the practice of expanding awareness and learning to control the mind. A lot of people give up on meditation because they are frustrated. They sit there and they try to have a...

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Authenticity: Trendy or Transformational? Part 2

This is Part 2 of this post, so if you missed it, check out Part 1 now.

So what in the F am I supposed to do if I am constantly told I'm not good enough but also that I have to project to the world that everything is fine!?!?!?



For most of my life the answer was to hide. Hide my struggles. Hide my pain. Hide my fears. Hide my flaws. Hide my quirks. Hide my dreams. Hide my enthusiasm for wonder and magic. Hide my mistakes. Hide my imperfections. Hide myself. This started as...

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Authenticity: Trendy or Transformational? Part 1

fear mindfulness self love Jun 24, 2019

has become one of the biggest buzzwords lately. Like all of a sudden there's this new thing called being yourself!


The fact that this has turned into a "trend" tells me one scary thing: as a society we have gotten so used to pretending to be something/someone we're not that it's a fresh idea to actually show up as we are. That is not ideal.


How did it come to be that revealing our real selves is a novel concept?


I have a few theories. As Americans (or...

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Three Tips for Thriving in Your Energy's Winter

mindfulness self love tools Jun 10, 2019

Do you ever have days when you just can't seem to focus? Times when your 100% isn't as powerful as you feel you need it to be? Periods of your life when you have so much you need to do, but you don't have the energy to begin let alone complete all of it?

Yeah, me too. In fact, I'm in one of those right now. I've gone through this often during and before recovery. In truth, I think everyone goes through something like this whether they are recovery from addiction, living with mental illness or...

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