How to Become a Witness of Your Own Life

mindfulness self love Oct 08, 2019


A really important element in self-love is being able to use information about yourself to optimize your life.


Self-love is wonderful all on its own. It will change your life, your relationships, your finances, your desires, pretty much everything. If there is only ONE thing to invest in, I'd say self-love hands-down. 

As we discussed in an earlier post, a big part of self-love is knowing your Self. I always say "you can't love it if you don't know it, and you can't...

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3 Ways to Get to Know Your Self

mindfulness self love Oct 06, 2019

The thing about Self love is, you kinda need to have some time to yourself to develop it. 

Of course we are communal creatures by nature, and it's important to experience life with others; however, spending time with just your Self is really the only way to explore it and grow intimate with it. 

A way that helps me process this is to think of my inner Self as another person.

If I were interested in getting to know a new friend, I'd spend some time with her. I would learn about her,...

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Self Love is a Muscle

self love Oct 05, 2019


We are all familiar with the effort and time that goes into lifting weights  (though we may not all have personal experience with it), but let's break it down and use it as a way to explore other areas.


Let's say I want to get fit, so I head to my neighborhood gym and sign up. It's Day 1 in the gym, would you expect me to be able to deadlift 200lbs? What about bench press my own body weight? How long do you think I could run on the elliptical?

Better questions: Would you...

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Can't We All Just Get Along?

self love Oct 04, 2019

For Day 4 of the Ultimate Blog Challenge I was tasked with interviewing someone on video. I am so happy with my choice. Not only did I get to know this woman more, whom I respect and admire, but I received some much needed reminders for how I want to show up in the world. 

" If we can all know who we are and stay true to ourselves, let everybody else do the rest."

Please join me today in getting to know Patricia Selmo! 

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Shame Is Not a Catalyst for Change. So What Is?

self love Oct 04, 2019


To date, shame has never worked well as a catalyst for change. 


Before we dive in, let's briefly distinguish between guilt, shame and being accountable. 

- Guilt is a result of believing you've done something bad. It has to do with the act, not the actor.
- Shame is a result of believing YOU are bad, that something is inherently wrong with you. The act may be perceived as bad, but it's the actor at fault.
- Being accountable is the result of taking ownership...

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There's Nothing Wrong with You

If you feel you are not happy with who you are, do not be fooled into thinking this is because something is wrong with you.

Nothing can ever be wrong with you. In truth, you are perfect (though perfect may not look exactly as you expected). 

Instead consider this feeling of dissatisfaction with yourself to be a clue that you are out of alignment with self. 

It is not difficult to be out of alignment with self. In fact, it is a process that begins the moment someone feels...

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The Gift Economy vs Traditional Business Model

I realize not everyone has the desire for details, so I'll give the short version up front, and anyone who wants to know the full story can keep reading. Deal?

The traditional business model in the healing/coaching industry is not one of service but of sales and marketing. Plain and simple.

How do I know? 

Cuz I took courses on it, built my business in it with the help of a top coach and ran my business under it up until September 2019. Yes, I, too, did each and every one of the...
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Get Back in Line!

I don't know if there is something very wrong about me or perhaps very right, but I cannot sit like a normal person. The outside table where I write this drives me nuts every morning as it attempts to coerce me into a standard seated position. I CAN'T DO IT, Table, so just BACK OFF! Why won't this table just let me be who I am?! I've come to terms with it, why can't the furniture?


Of course life would be easier if I could just fall in line. If I could contort my body to fit into the...

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Authenticity: Trendy or Transformational? Part 2

This is Part 2 of this post, so if you missed it, check out Part 1 now.

So what in the F am I supposed to do if I am constantly told I'm not good enough but also that I have to project to the world that everything is fine!?!?!?



For most of my life the answer was to hide. Hide my struggles. Hide my pain. Hide my fears. Hide my flaws. Hide my quirks. Hide my dreams. Hide my enthusiasm for wonder and magic. Hide my mistakes. Hide my imperfections. Hide myself. This started as...

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Authenticity: Trendy or Transformational? Part 1

fear mindfulness self love Jun 24, 2019

has become one of the biggest buzzwords lately. Like all of a sudden there's this new thing called being yourself!


The fact that this has turned into a "trend" tells me one scary thing: as a society we have gotten so used to pretending to be something/someone we're not that it's a fresh idea to actually show up as we are. That is not ideal.


How did it come to be that revealing our real selves is a novel concept?


I have a few theories. As Americans (or...

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