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On the physical plane money is still required. It is essential that I receive actual money to do the work I do.

However, it is not the only currency that has value.

When does it make sense to do a non-financial contribution?

If you did some work with me and contributed all you could financially but feel it didn't match the value you received, you can also do a non-financial contribution to make up the rest!

If you absolutely cannot afford to give a financial contribution but are really serious about doing this work, we can talk about alternative ways for you (or your group) to contribute!


You have benefited from my content or connection and want a creative way to support it, you can offer a creative contribution!


If you feel you have an alternative contribution that is more valuable than money and feel in alignment outside of traditional currency, I'd love to hear about it!

Other reasons I'm not thinking of just now!

If you'd like to make a non-financial contribution in support of me and the work I do, here are some things that would really benefit me at this time.

Expanding my reach

If you have the skill to expand the reach of this work I do, that would be a fantastic contribution. I'd love to connect with more podcasts, shows, books, blogs, other healers, events, etc.


Referring me to people/groups you know based on stellar work you and I have done together is always a great and needed contribution.


It can be scary for people/groups to work with someone they don't know yet. Your experience can really help give them an idea of what to expect and the impact it might have.

SEO & Web Help

I run all of this on my own, and the admin stuff can eat up a lot of time. Having help with the site and its searchability would help a ton.

Accounting & Taxes

If you are a CPA or tax accountant and would like to exchange services, let's chat!

Social Media

Though I am 32, I am really not savvy with social media stuff, and to be honest, I don't really enjoy doing it. But maybe you do and would like to contribute this way!

Research & Connection

I always need help researching and connecting with events I would be a great fit for as a speaker.

Building Online Courses

I have tons of courses in development, so if you have experience building them through Kajabi, this would be a major contribution. 

Video Editing

I don't do much editing these days, but on occasion I do need graphics and cutting for my videos. If this is your skillset, it could really help.

Energy, Body, Spiritual Work

I am committed to keeping my channel open and clear. Having the gifts of other healers is wildly helpful.

Retreat Space

If you have a great retreat space to offer, I'd love to chat and look into planning something there.

Writing Coach

Writing is the true expression of my soul. People keep asking when I'll write my first book. I'd love to and could really use some help.

House & Human Maintenance

Receiving gift certificates (or Groupons) for health and home services allows me more time to do this work and be in service.

Harmonica Lessons

I love the blues and have always wanted to play harmonica well. I have half a dozen harmonicas but have no idea what do to with them.

Healing & Growth

Do you have a favorite course, retreat or wellness destination you'd love to send me to? That would be a super awesome contribution!

If you've got something else in mind that isn't list above, don't hesitate to reach out!

I'm the only one with access to this email and would be happy to hear from you!


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