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You are a total BADASS 
in your recovery program. 

  • You recognized you had a problem, and you sought a solution - or maybe someone else recognized you had a problem and insisted you find a solution - either way, you’re doing the work!

  • You’re willing to show up every day and go to any length
    to do better - to
    be better.

  • But no matter how hard you work, how many meetings you go
    to or how many chips you collect
    life isn’t as satisfying as you hoped it would be.

  • You aren’t waking up energized and excited for life every morning.

  • You are still experiencing the same limitations that
    have blocked your success in the past.

  • You are grateful for, and likely humbled by, the
    results you’ve gotten as a person in recovery,
    but you have a secret suspicion that



"I have been in recovery for over 20 years, and this was among the most helpful things I’ve experienced."

Alex G
22 years in recovery

There’s nothing wrong
with wanting MORE. 

More money. More vacations.
More influence. More satisfaction.
Our natural state is abundance.
You were born to lead a prosperous life. 

Are you struggling
with one or more
areas of addiction?

  • Do you feel like you're stuck where you're at?

  • Have you been unable to remain sober
    regardless of your best efforts?

  • Does your confidence depend on outside opinions?

  • Is it hard to get up in the morning?

  • Are you stuck in a job that just pays the bills?

  • Ever wish your relationships
    were stronger? Deeper?

  • Have a hard time quieting your mind?

  • Feel like you're not in control of your life?


(even after joining recovery and going to therapy)

There was something in me that still believed 

I wasn't good enough

I was unlovable 

I wasn't capable of greatness

I should just settle for what life had given me.

I often expressed frustration with feeling lost.
I was willing to walk the path, but I didn’t know which direction to go in.

I felt anxiety on a daily basis, overwhelmed by the chatter in my mind.

I had thoroughly examined my past via recovery and therapy,
but I had no clue about my future.

Could I have as much as “normal” people?


If you found this page, YOU, too, ARE A SEEKER. 

You have arrived at a place where you think there has to be more to life than what we’ve been sold. You’ve heard a whisper inside reminding you that
you are immense and boundless. You are eager to explore even
the possibility that you’ve come into this physical plane to
positively impact the rhythm of life.

If you’re tired of powering through,
frustrated with being told “That’s just the way it is”
and unwilling to continue accepting less than you deserve,
keep reading!


"Jace has given me the support and confidence to ask for what I need in an intimate relationship, and my partner has been responsive! My new routines have enabled greater accountability and rigorous honesty, things I've found to be mandatory for my sobriety. After working with her I have a better understanding of how I tick and greater awareness of my progress."

Erik H
7 years in recovery

Hi, I’m Jace, and I’m a Self-Development Junkie

(if you’ve been in recovery as long as I have, you know you just responded with
“Hi Jace!” in your head :-P)

Long before I found recovery I dove deep into the self help section of
every bookstore and website I came across.

For the longest time I couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong.


Turns out I wasn’t doing anything wrong. The gurus I followed and the programs I went through didn’t work because they didn’t cater to the fact that I have a lifelong brain disease that requires daily care and attention.
They didn’t take into account the rollercoaster of mental illness.
They never touched on having trauma in my background
(or the brain changes that come with it).

These programs may work great for others, but
something was always missing for me.

Then I found the world of recovery. I worked a 12 Step program, engaged
with non-12 Steps programs, went to therapy, got sober, and
started seeing the promises show up.

My life improved a ton, but something was still missing.

Yes, I was sober and stable, but I wanted more from life than this.


I knew I was willing to go to any lengths - recovery taught me that - I just needed to know what the hell they were and how to get there.

As someone recovering from trauma, addiction
and a myriad of mental illnesses,

I needed A PROGRAM that
united BILL W with LES BROWN 

Problem was, it didn’t exist.

So I created it!

I started seeing BIG results when I merged the world of recovery
with everything I’d learned about high performance, wellness,
law of attraction, prosperity, mindfulness, habits,
spirituality, relationships and neuropsychology.

I’ve spent the last 4 years combining all of that into The 90-Day Recover Life Coaching Program because I believe people in recovery are
not only as able as "normal people" but far more capable of achieving
a boldly satisfying life.

Are You Ready to
Go To The
Next Level in Life
but Find
Your Recovery Program
Isn’t Enough?

"Jace has helped me find my center and feel relief at times of crises. She is very loving, compassionate and has always listened to me with an open heart and no judgment of where I am in my process. Jace is a bright light that has guided me to get out of my own darkness."

Ines M
2 years in recovery

The 90-Day Recover Life Coaching Program

In my experience One-Size-Fits-All programs DON'T WORK. I exclusively do 1-1 coaching so that every person gets a unique program custom tailored to their specific needs. Expanding on where you're at and what you want, these are the main areas we'll be exploring during our three months together.

"We MUST BE WILLING to get rid of the life we've planned, so as to have the LIFE THAT IS WAITING FOR US."

- Joseph Campbell

How do I get started?

Apply for the Waitlist

Why do I have to fill out an application?
Awesome question!

There are two reasons.
1. I limit the number of folks I work with to make sure I can actually deliver all
this value I've been promising.

2. Not everyone is right for this program. People who aren't ready to go all-in will waste their time (and money) and will detract from you, the person who really wants to level up.

Jump on a Call

What happens on the call?
Another great question!

Truth is, I'm not right for everyone. This call is your chance to ask all of your questions to make sure it's
a perfect fit for you.
We'll talk about your unique circumstances, and I'll
give as much value as possible.

If we're both diggin' it at the end, we'll talk more about the program.
There is no pressure or obligation
- that's just not my style!

Get Bold Results

How bold?
You, with the amazing questions!

Your results will be decided by two factors.
1. How willing you are to do the work.
To have an extraordinary life, we must
become extraordinary people.

2. How brave you're willing to be.
The only limitations in life are
those we put on ourselves.
Your life can be as satisfying as you want.

I've got the tools if you've got the guts!

"I have gained a better understanding of problems I have and the solutions for them. After applying the tools that Jace presented to me I am now getting the results I was looking for in my journey."

John R
3 years in recovery




"Sobriety is not enough for a
It is Only the Beginning!"




Don't Settle for Sober!


Howdy, I'm Jace,

and I'm a grateful person in recovery. I am not unique and neither is my origin story. I come from a long history of addiction and abuse. My family didn't have money or hand me anything. I started my life in trauma and experienced more of it along the way. I don't have any special qualities that have made this new life possible. The only thing that has set me apart is a strong desire for MORE and the willingness to do the work to get there.

My journey began right as my life was ending.

Continue Reading My Story...

We haven't gone through all this pain for nothing.
The world needs the strength, compassion and
determination that comes with being a person in recovery.

Learn how to AMPLIFY that to
MAJOR impact in the world
AND have the life you've always wanted!


"Through working with Jace, I've been able to access a level of recovery that didn't feel available to me before. Working with her has allowed me to take the principles and concepts we learn in recovery and put them to use in a very practical way in my day to day life. My life has changed, because I feel connected for the first time ever. I feel authentic. That's the greatest gift I've received from recovery."

Heath R
12 years in recovery

I'll Be Straight With You

I'm posting the price against the advice of many top marketers. Their idea is to get you on a call so the hard sell can begin. That sounds disrespectful to you and super awkward for me. Backdoor sales with slick tactics isn't really my style. If you have related to what I've shared on this page so far, chances are you've survived much worse than coming face-to-face with a price tag. We're all adults; we know services cost money. The rest of the page talks about service, this is the section that talks about money. Brace yourself!


1 Payment


(all prices are in USD)

No payment needed to be on the waitlist. Your card info won't even be collected at this point.



3 X Payments


(all prices are in USD)

No payment needed to be on the waitlist. Your card info won't even be collected at this point.


If you don't dig it, you don't buy it. 


Yes, this is a business, so it's gotta bring in money, but I can't see the benefit in forcing you to stay in the program if it isn't working for you. I believe running a good business is good for business (plus it means I get to sleep at night).
Get started, risk free. If it’s not your jam, I’ll refund your money. Guaranteed.


"Jace is like if the Buddha did standup!"

Matt L
5 years in recovery

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm sure you've got some questions by this point. If the FAQ below doesn't answer them, we can definitely address additional questions on your call!

I don’t believe in lost causes, and I haven’t met one yet! If you’ve got the determination, this will definitely work for you.

Yes, indeed! The realm of recovery is always expanding with the advancement of science, consciousness and modern knowledge. In reality, a lot of people struggle to get and stay sober - even though they’re doing the work. Most programs have sobriety as the focus and the desired end result. I believe this is a formula for failure. Just stopping something isn’t enough. You’ve got to create a life beyond sobriety - one you love so much you couldn’t dream of giving it up. If you’ve got the willingness but not the sobriety, this program is totally for you!

Recover Life Coaching isn’t for everyone. This is an intensive program built for people who want to go past surviving to really living. It is action-oriented and won’t benefit those who are not ready to go to the next level. Before moving forward, you and I will jump on a call to get a feel for one another, ask questions, and talk about your particular circumstances. This way we can make sure it’s a perfect fit for you before we even get started. Once in the program, if you find it’s not your jam, there is a 100% Money Back Guarantee. I believe running a good business is good for business.

I warmly welcome it. I have been close to many people with the disease of addiction and understand how difficult it is. It left me feeling helpless, overwhelmed, frustrated, angry, and scared. Though I cannot work with your loved one through you, I can help you with the effects it is having on you and provide you with special tools to ensure you are living the exceptional life you deserve.

Recovery coaching focuses on getting people sober and helping them stay there. In time, a great recovery coach can work with people to improve their current circumstances and plan for future goals. These folks are awesome if your goal is sobriety. I believe sobriety cannot be the end goal. It is only the beginning. Sobriety gives the brain the time it needs to heal and reprogram - both essential but not enough. It is the gateway to living a full life - it is not a full life. Recover Life Coaching looks at sobriety as the necessary foundation for building a boldly satisfying life. We’re going to expand on all the amazing work you’ve done so far in recovery, break down remaining barriers, create a custom system for your unique situation and set you up with all you need to get to the next level. My goal is to equip you so well I no longer have a job!

Nope. I am not. I cannot offer official diagnosis, prescribe medication or anything of the like. What I can do is help provide the guidance, support, accountability and tools needed to not only get sober but live an exceptional life! I highly recommend including a therapist as part of your support team. Abuse and trauma are very prevalent in people suffering with addiction. Working with a trained specialist in this area is invaluable.

I work with people recovering from any and all areas where addiction has presented itself. I also work with non-addicts and those connected to addicts. Let's be real, we're all recovering from something.

You bet! In my eyes, we are all brothers and sisters kickin' ass under the loving protection of a power much greater than we.

I take this work very seriously. My life depends on it, and likely yours does too. I do not put myself or my sobriety at risk under any circumstances. I maintain healthy boundaries and highly value being a person of integrity. I have worked with men and women of all sexual orientations and have not had an issue yet.

I absolutely do. I fully believe in the power and necessity of having a great support team. Mine consists of a coach, a sponsor, two accountability groups (recovery and professional), a mastermind, my life partner, a meditation community, 12 Step fellowship, a mental health support group, my family, close friends, and my two dogs, Charlie & Indiana.

I first joined recovery for sex addiction in June 2014. I trudged along for months going from short lengths of sobriety to full blown relapses. In February 2015 I hit a new bottom that was scary enough for me to start taking this whole addiction thing seriously. My illusion of "I got this" came crashing down. I didn't have control of it and realized I couldn't do it on my own. Most importantly I no longer wanted to. So I sat down, shut up and started listening to what had worked for others. This began on February 2, 2015, and I am grateful to be have been sober since that day. I have gained sobriety in many other areas as well, including alcohol, drugs, work, food, spending, codependency… pretty much whatever triggers dopamine.

I completely understand having to prioritize your money in other areas. I have been there. Hell, I lived most of my life there. It isn't a great feeling, but it certainly isn't a reason to not claim the exceptional life you were born for. You can find tons of free resources online to help you get started! Also, check out your area for recovery programs that sound as though they might meet your needs. Free programs include 12 Step Recovery, SMART Recovery, Refuge Recovery and many more. If you're struggling with something, believe me you're not the first. Others have gone through it and were brave and kind enough to leave a detailed explanation of how they did it. And never underestimate the power of your local library. There are dozens of free books just waiting to meet you!

By Application ONLY!

Check out the details and APPLY FOR THE WAITLIST BELOW!
Space is extremely limited
to only a few action-oriented people a month who are ready to claim their 

Keeping group sizes small ensures you get the personal attention, interaction and support you deserve.


1 Payment


(all prices are in USD)

No payment needed to be on the waitlist. Your card info won't even be collected at this point.



3 X Payments


(all prices are in USD)

No payment needed to be on the waitlist. Your card info won't even be collected at this point.


If you don't dig it, you don't buy it.  


Yes, this is a business, so it's gotta bring in money, but I can't see the benefit in forcing you to stay in the program if it isn't working for you. I believe running a good business is good for business (plus it means I get to sleep at night).
Get started, risk free. If it’s not your jam, I’ll refund your money. Guaranteed.



People on the waitlist will be given priority access once the program opens up in April. This is your chance to jump to the front of the line.

"My biggest fear was beginning the process of coming to terms with being an addict and the experiences that have led to it. I knew it could not be done on my own Outside support was paramount. My fear actually did come true. I have been forced to experience some of the most uncomfortable emotional discomfort of my life and I still have a very long way to go. Having someone like Jace with you on the journey does make it a little easier. What has happened as a result is that my life is much more focused on the light rather than the darkness."

Tanya C
2 years in recovery