Tired of Struggling to Stay Sober?

As a person in recovery you are entirely capable of creating the exact life you want. 

In this FREE course I will share with you just how to do that. Once you know this secret, you'll never settle for sober again!

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What to Expect

Here's what you'll walk away with after taking this powerful course

 -> One Hour Course

Gain deeper insight into addiction and how it has worked to your benefit. Grow your awareness to be in power of your recovery and your life.


-> Learn How to Stay Sober Long Term

If you're struggling to get sober, this course will give you tools to take control of your sobriety.

If you already are sober, these tools will help you maintain that sobriety while going far beyond sober to satisfied.


-> Empowered Action Plan

The free course includes materials that will guide you through growing your awareness and setting up your Empowered Action Plan.

Take Back Your Power

Learn how to go from powerless to empowered and truly live!

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