In a world where sex sells but doesn’t satisfy, people are bombarded with sex everywhere but their conversations. Still considered a taboo topic in nearly every corner of the world, sex is the most enticing elephant in the global room. 

Through penetrating conversations with engaging experts, Sex Stuff explores the most delicious threesome of all: spirituality, humanity & sexuality. 

 In each episode Jace audaciously covers a different topic that can help heal the human race through the universal subject that connects us all - SEX!

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Meet the Host

Jace is a dynamic explorer of sexuality, spirituality and humanity. Wearing her own scars as proudly and publicly as her most recent tattoos, Jace exemplifies empowered living through self-acceptance. 

As a host, she is known for her warm-hearted candidness and ability to lead others into their scariest places with a sense of calm, courage and confidence. Founder of The illumitorium, a trauma-informed playcademy for recovery and thriving, Jace supports people in discovering their True Selves and living by their own rules.

Friendly as she is fierce, her hugs, as much as her talks, are not to be missed.

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