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Get some insight from others who have worked with me before.

"Jace Downey is such a engaging and dynamic speaker! She presented at our WOMEN Inspired Entrepreneurs event. Her keynote presentation was educational and eye opening. The material truly resonated with our WOMEN, many of whom are looking for expert advice on building their own businesses and growing personally."

- Michelle Johnson, CEO
Blooming Your Social

 "Jace is like if the Buddha did standup!"

- Matt Lemke, Owner
Lemke Productions

"Jace has helped me find my center and feel relief at times of crises. She is very loving, compassionate and has always listened to me with an open heart and no judgment of where I am in my process. Jace is a bright light that has guided me to get out of my own darkness."

Ines Miller


"My biggest fear was that I would be judged or I would have someone who couldn't truly empathize with my history and my own set of circumstances (which I was convinced were the worst and most shameful of any living addict).

Not only was I wrong about the judgment, but Jace turned out to be one of the most empathetic people I have ever met... and it's not because we have the same exact set of circumstances.

It's because she truly takes the time to listen and process what I tell her. She hears me. And then she runs it through the filters of her own experience and what she has learned.

I've never been able to come up with something that seemed to surprise or phase her. With Jace, I am surprised time and again by her ability to provide non judgemental feedback that is valid and helpful in a very practical way."

- Heath Richards

I was scared to begin the process and come to terms with the experiences that have led to it.

I knew it could not be done on my own. Outside support was paramount.

Having someone like Jace with you on the journey does make it easier. What has happened as a result is that my life is much more focused on the light rather than the darkness.

Jace is able to provide thoughtful straightforward answers on a wide range of topics in the field of self care.

What I liked most about interacting with Jace was getting to know someone who experienced many of the same things I did. She was great at providing long term caring support and I liked that I could tell her anything with no fear of judgement.

- Tanya Czhetrivov

"Before attending Jace's workshop I was afraid of the unknown. The workshop was uncomfortable at first, but in a good way.

By the end I was more connected with the group and inspired to take action in my life, it was a very powerful workshop.

Jace is an incredibly forward thinking individual, committed to helping others help themselves. She has a very charismatic cadence and genuine style that allows her to reach people of all sorts.

From attending Jace's workshops I have gained a better understanding of problems I have and the solutions for them. After applying the tools that she presented to me I am now getting the results I was looking for in my journey.

Jace kicks butt!"

- Bijan Rahnamai

"I was afraid that my expectations would be too high or that Jace wouldn't like me, which would make it hard to be vulnerable.

In the end, I feel more comfortable with Jace than any guide I've ever had, which makes me feel more comfortable with myself!

Jace embodies so many wonderful characteristics of a healer: genuine/honest, compassionate/caring/kind/empathetic, responsive/available, experienced/wise.

She always has my back, even if that means sharing some things that will be hard for me to hear. Jace is fun and energetic and goofy.

Jace has given me the support and confidence to ask for what I need in an intimate relationship, and my partner has been responsive!

I've gained better understanding of how I tick and greater awareness of my progress."

- Erik Howard

"Jace is a pioneer truth teller!"

- Staci Sprout, Author  
Naked in Public

I’ve seen Jace present before, so I was excited to have the opportunity to hear her tackle the topic of Social Media and Conscious Connection. From the very beginning, Jace took her audience to a very real and truthful place about their relationship with phones, computers and social media! Jace managed to make a difficult and controversial topic fun and light.

- Wendy Irwin, Owner 
Coaching & Prespicacity


Your experience can be a BIG help to others!

I can describe this work till I'm blue in the face, but there's nothing more helpful than hearing about someone who has actually experienced it personally.