What is The illumitorium?

The illumitorium is a powerful space that offers practical tools for applying spiritual and scientific principles in everyday situations to help you live a more joyous, abundant, meaningful life. The life only YOU can live!

Here we honor weirdos as wise. 

We see adversity as a usable ingredient for thriving. 

And believe that people with trauma/addiction are uniquely capable of living boldly satisfying lives.

In The illumitorium we focus on Spirit-led self mastery for people in recovery. No shame, judgement, demands or dogma.

Resources for Self-Mastery

Free yourself from addiction and stagnation to live your boldly satisfying life with help from these powerful resources!

What do they cost?

I offer all of my resources with no cost to ensure access to anyone who needs them. If you find them helpful, please consider making a loving donation to make sure they stay available for the next person. Donations of any size can be made through PayPal's secure platform here and are greatly appreciated!

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