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You Are Enough!

In this series I'll be sharing direct ways to practice examining the self, accepting what you find and coming to love it all (though you may not LIKE it all). As usual, we'll be discussing things without shame or judgement. Anything goes!

Understanding Love

We are going to be discussing Love a lot in this series, so I thought we'd better pause down to make sure we are on the same page. Check out today's video to get an understanding of what I'm referring to when I say "Love". The concept may be a bit different than what you have in mind.

How Long Does it Take to Develop Self-Love?

This is one of the first questions I get when talking with people about intimate Self-discovery. Most people want the answer to be something like "3 days" or "Here just take this pill and it will happen automatically". Well, this, much like all things with value, doesn't work like that. So how long does it take?

Keep It Simple!

People come to me asking for answers expecting to get these long complicated responses, and they are usually disappointed. The truth is simple, don't complicate it! So how long does it take?

You Are Perfect

You are perfect. Yes, even with the flaws and the "mistakes" and that time you were intentionally an asshole (or in my case, all the times). We are each perfect just as we are today. It just doesn't look anything like what we expected...

The Most Offensive Word

You've likely noticed by now in my videos that I don't shy away from curse words, but there is ONE word that makes me cringe. I try to never use it on myself or others. I believe it is one of the most destructive words in the English language. Is it one you use in your life?

You Suck and That's Great!

If you are on the path of intimate Self-discovery, you suck. If you are trying to learn to love yourself, you suck. There's just no way of getting around it.

How to Find Your Purpose

Do you ever get the feeling that you're here for a reason, but you can't figure out what that is? Does it haunt you at night? I spent most of my life obsessed with figuring out my purpose. I studied so many techniques, worked with coaches and read a ton on the subject. Little did I know I was looking in all the wrong places. Finding your purpose is a lot simpler than you think. Wanna know how to find yours?

Choosing Your Life/Spirit Guide

On the path of self-discovery it is REALLY beneficial to have a guide - someone who is a bit further down the path who can help you navigate. Having a guide makes the whole process smoother and quicker! HOWEVER, not all guides are healthy or helpful, and there is an insanely huge amount of people stepping up to be guides these days. You can avoid a lot of pain by knowing what to look for when choosing a guide. In today's video I'll share with you the top three things I look for when choosing a guide.

How to Use Your Phone to Improve Your Life

Did you know you could use your phone to improve your life? Phones these days have so many features on them, but one of the most important one goes highly underutilized by many of us. Check out this video to learn how your phone may hold the key to discovering who you are, loving that person and improving your life!

Fun is an Essential Part of Self-Discovery

Fun is just as important in the self-discovery journey as doing your shadow work, sitting in discomfort or exploring the grimy parts of your humanity. Fun cannot be left out of the work. Many people treat fun like an afterthought - something that can be done once the difficult stuff is over. WRONG! Humans learn through fun and play, which is pretty great. You may think you have fun in your life, but have you chosen it consciously? If there's one area to NOT limit yourself, it's fun!

Use Judgement Consciously to Improve Your Life

Many of us judge unconsciously and miss a major opportunity for self-exploration. It can be easy or even automatic to judge others and how they live their lives, but did you know in that very moment you are being given a phenomenal gift? Learn how to use judgement consciously to improve your life and ensure you are showing up as your highest and best self. It's a great place to turn a negative into a helpful positive for your best life possible!

What Your Porn Viewing Says About You

What does the type of porn you watch say about you as a person? Many of the people I work with express deep shame around their porn viewing habits. They feel the type of porn they watch is WAY outside of their value system and are worried they're losing their humanity. Believe me, I totally get it. Let's talk about it openly here today!

Celebrate For Success

Check out two surefire strategies to gain and maintain long-term success in life as a person in recovery.

Balance Is Bullshit

We hear a lot of talk these days about Balance - life balance, balancing career and family, work/life balance, etc. Well you know what, recovery fam? I think life balance is bullshit. It is impossible, and many of us waste a lot of time trying to achieve it and then feel like failures when we don't. I'm here to tell you there's a better way.

Your Comfort Zone Is Killing You

If you're struggling to see your desired results in life or recovery, I've got a pretty strong guess I know why...

Boundaries Are Badass

Do you ever feel like you don't have enough time or energy to do the things you want to do? Do you say "Yes" to every request people make to you? Are you acting from loving intentions but finding yourself exhausted? Many people in recovery for addiction experienced major boundary violations during their formative years and grew up without boundaries as a standard practice. Lots of us had to take care of other people in our homes who were in active addiction. As a result of all of this, we never learned how to take care of ourselves. Though our intentions to help come from a loving place, most of us experience anxiety, resentment and burnout on a regular basis. But we don't have to! This video explains why boundaries are badass and covers the top 3 Do's and Don'ts. Check it out (and make sure to share it if you know someone who could benefit)!

The Truth About Self Love

I am regularly asked "How do I develop self love?" A fantastic question with a less than favorite answer. There are many ways to practice being kinder, more gentle and more caring towards yourself, but there is one thing you have to do before any of this will matter when it comes to developing self love. I'm gonna be real with y'all, it ain't easy.

Turn Yourself Into a Human Guinnea Pig!

Do you have slips repeatedly? Relapse Regularly? Are you doing the work in your recovery process, really putting in the effort, but still not getting the results you want?

Need A Simple Way To Connect With a Higher Power?

This is one of my favorite daily practices that is both grounding and up lifting. Good for mind, body, spirit (and tummy)!

Do I Have to Stop Having Sex to Get Sober?

One of the top questions I'm asked by people struggling with sex addiction is "Do I have to stop having sex to get sober?" and it's no wonder - sex is a healthy and natural part of our humanity, but how does that work when it's become compulsive and destructive...?

Self Care Equals Ongoing Success

Those of us who refuse to accept the status quo with our addiction and are working to change our circumstances are fierce warriors. We are powerful beings. We are also humans, and the human element is a delicate thing. It needs regular maintenance, especially if you are on a growth/recovery journey.

Is Sex Addiction Real?

Sex addiction? Is that real? That's what we are talking about in today's Sex Addiction Q&A Check it out!

How Can I Recover from Sex Addiction On my Own?

Is it possible to recover from sex addiction on my own? We'll answer this really common question in today's Sex Addiction Q&A.

How does Sex Addiction Differ from Other Addictions?

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Why Can't People with Sex Addiction Just Stop? And why do their behaviors seem so insane?

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Is Sex Addiction Just an Excuse for Bad Behavior?

That is what we are talking about in today's Sex Addiction Q&A.

What do you mean Sex Addiction has nothing to do with sex?

So, sex addiction has nothing to do with sex, huh? What's up with that? That's the question we are answering in today's Sex Addiction Q & A.

How Much Sex does a person have to have for it to be addiction?

That's what we are talking about in today's Sex Addiction Q&A.

Why Can My Partner Have Sex with people outside our relationship, but not with me?

This is a really common question and a challenging one. In today's Sex Addiction Q & A, we'll answer that question.

Do I Have To Stop having Sex in Order to Recover from Sex Addiction?

That is the subject of today's Sex Addiction Q & A.

Aren't people with sex addiction just perverts and pedophiles?

The answer to that question is in today's Sex Addiction Q&A.

Is Sex Addiction Fun?

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Is Sex Addiction the Same as a High Sex Drive?

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Is There Healing for Partner of people with Sex Addiction

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Should I Continue A Relationship with Someone who has Sex Addiction?

This is a common question, and we are answering it in today's Sex addiction Q&A.

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