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Working Together in a Group

"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together." African Proverb

Working in a group setting is so very much my jam! There is a special kind of magic that surrounds a group of people with shared intensions. It multiples the efforts of every individual present. It also taps into our inner nature as communal beings. 
I used to pride myself on being a lone wolf. I thought this made me tough and untouchable. In truth it meant I had to put in twice the effort to get half the results.

You know what happens to the lone wolf in nature? It is forced to scavenge, it has no choice but to take what it can get. That was my life as well - accepting whatever scraps I could come by, and I felt proud because they were "mine."
Now I would much rather thrive with others than simply survive on my own.

I encourage everyone I work with to learn from my mistake and gain the power that comes from working as a group. 
You can accomplish a lot more when working with human nature instead of going against the grain. Don't go it alone if you don't have to, and you never have to!

I work with groups in a variety of ways,

including but not limited to:

Single Workshops

Bring me out to your next event to lead your group in a stellar workshop from ones I've given in the past or one custom created just for your group.

Full Day Trainings

If there is an area you'd like your group to cover in-depth, schedule a full day training where we'll explore, expand and elevate topics close to you.

Destination Retreats

Include me in your upcoming retreat for an intimate experience. I will build a talk to fit your theme and audience. We'll go deep and have a lot of fun doing it.

Group Programs

I can guide your group through a custom program online or in-person to cover a series of related topics.

Panel Discussions

I love doing panel discussions. It is super powerful to have a diverse set of speakers share ideas around a specific topic.

Online Engagements

Schedule a unique webinar or virtual class for your group. These can be offered at specific times or on-demand.

Have Message

Will Travel!

If you'd like to chat about having me work with your group, connect with me today so we can start planning a phenomenal experience for your team!

I am available in the Austin, TX area or I can travel* to your group's location.
I do all of my work within the gift economy. We can discuss that further when we chat.

You can check out what others say about working with me here!

*When traveling out of town all flight, accommodations, and airport transfers must be covered.

Connect with Me

Working Together Individually

I lend people courage to face what they've been running from.

If you feel I could be a beneficial guide for you at this point on your journey, please read through this before reaching out.
I work with individuals online and in-person.

For some this is a single session in which just enough light is shown to reveal the next steps on the path. For others I may join them for a longer stretch of their journey working through deep difficulties or reoccurring limitations.
Whether short or long term, our time together is always spent in a shame-free, loving container where no monster is too scary to examine nor any dream too big to discuss.
It is important to understand that I cannot do the work for you.
If you're looking for that magic pill solution, you won't find it here - in fact you won't find it at all, but I won't even pretend to have it. People I work with are ready to work. It's uncomfortable and can be scary at times, but if we're doing it together, you'll never have to do it alone.

What kind of stuff do I help people with?

Empowering Beliefs

Developing Self-Love

Healing Addiction & Trauma

Connecting with Higher Realm

Strengthening Relationships

Doing that thing you're scared to do but you've just gotta do or you'll explode!

Using Emotions Productively

Living with Purpose

Money Mindset

Healthy Sexuality

Meditation, Mindfulness & Mind Training

Building Boundaries

Designing Reality

Divine Feminine & Masculine

Increasing Happiness

Facing the Past

Leaving Jobs to Follow Passion

Discovering Limitations

Finding Inner Truth

Connecting Mind, Body & Spirit



If this calls to you, feel free to schedule your session now.


If you have further questions, check out the video and FAQ below.

If you can't find your answer, don't hesitate to connect with me.

You can check out what others say about working with me here!


Schedule Session

Frequently Asked Questions

My skill, insight and experience are gifts given to me, and I offer everything as a gift to you. I am doing the work I came to this world to do. It is an honor and a privilege. 

After our time together, if your heart calls you to offer a gift to me in gratitude, I will warmly accept it under two conditions:
1.) It truly comes from your heart.
2.) It is given within your means. 

Believe me, I know that sounds odd and may bring up some discomfort. It seems abstract.

But money is also abstract. Its value is not set; it's relative. For example, $200 may be pocket change to one person and a fortune to another. Same amount of money, very different value.

In the gift economy you contribute in alignment with your means and as you feel called to. I 100% know this is different for everyone. There is no way to offend me if you follow your heart.

This is a sacred space where we both show up in our authenticity. The Universe will take care of the rest!

This is an honor system, which means those who do not honor the system do not have access to it again. 

Contributions are made via PayPal's secure system. 

You can also offer additional/alternative contributions if money is not a gift you have in abundance.

If you've never worked with a guide before, it can be intimidating to reach out and start. 

But fear not, it's actually really easy!

We will schedule a time to meet likely via Zoom. You'll get an invitation with specific instructions to sign in.

On the call we will have a conversation much like two old friends. You may even think to yourself, "Damn! This is way less scary than I imagined. I feel really safe here. I'm so glad I did this!"

I'll ask questions, listen, reflect back to you and offer insight. You'll share as openly as you're able, ask questions, express concerns, ponder existence and the like.

Toward the end of the call we'll discuss next steps if any are relevant. 

At the end you'll get a link to send in your contribution based on the value you gained from the session. Believe me, I know that sounds odd and may bring up some discomfort. It seems abstract.

But money is also abstract. Its value is not set; it's relative. For example, $200 may be pocket change to one person and a fortune to another. Same amount of money, very different value.

In a value-based system you contribute in alignment with your means. I 100% know this is different for everyone. You won't offend me by going high or low.

This is an energy exchange where we both show up in our authenticity. The Universe will take care of the rest!

I only offer ongoing sessions to a small number of highly dedicated individuals. After we do a few single sessions together, if we feel that ongoing work is a good fit, we can discuss next steps.

You bet! We are all brothers and sisters kickin' ass under the loving protection of a power much greater than we. We need to team up now more than ever.

I don’t believe in lost causes, and I haven’t met one yet! If you’ve got the determination, you can find help.

I'll admit, I'm not the best fit for everyone, and everyone is not the best fit for me. If you think we might be. a good match, all you've got to do is hit me up through the connection page. We'll go from there.

Nope. I am not. I cannot offer official diagnosis, prescribe medication or anything of the like. What I can do is help provide the guidance, support, accountability and tools needed to move along your journey in a challenging and fulfilling way.

I highly recommend including a therapist as part of your support team. Abuse, addiction and trauma are very prevalent in people on the sacred warrior's path. Working with a trained specialist in this area is invaluable.

I absolutely do. I fully believe in the power and necessity of having a great support team. Mine consists of the Higher Realm, a coach, a spiritual community, a sponsor, two accountability groups (recovery and professional), a women's mastermind, my life partner, a meditation community, 12 Step fellowships, a speaking group, my family, close friends, and my two dogs, Charlie & Indiana.

It takes a village!

To talk about group sessions or engagements, reach out to me here: www.jacedowney.com/lets-connect

Still have questions?