If you’re fed up with compulsive behaviors or simply tired of not getting results with the old recovery model, You Got This! Recovery could be your game changer.


What is You Got This! Recovery?

You Got This! Recovery
 is a trauma-informed program that blends heart, body, brain and spirit to create a holistic approach to recovery that goes far beyond sobriety. 

So many programs just focus on surface issues seen in the leaves and branches. Not You Got This! Recovery. We'll be diving into the roots and the soil so we can heal the whole tree!

Through the path of self-mastery we explore more than just addiction and recovery. OnDemand lessons cover sobriety, trauma, happiness, choices, relationships, needs, desires, goals, prosperity, success, creativity, fun, and a whole lot more!

Everything included in the program is created specifically with science and spirit in mind so that we can use addiction to our advantage in our transformation, not our obstacle to it.

You Got This! Recovery is science based and Spirit led. It was built by people with addiction for people with addiction.

This is YOU-powered recovery! 

Are you ready to take your power back?


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About Your Facilitator

Jace is a candid public speaker and an intuitive guide for Spirit-led self mastery. She specializes in guiding people with addiction to free themselves to be who they came here to be and live the lives they came here to live. 

Jace has been featured internationally on television, podcasts, magazines, websites and documentary film for her work de-stigmatizing addiction and trauma.

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Is this right for me?

The You Got This! Recovery program isn't for everyone. Take a moment to make sure this holistic path to freedom from addiction is right for you.

You want to experience freedom from addiction not just the symptoms of it.

Traditional recovery hasn't gotten you the results you want.

You feel stuck in your recovery and/or life.

You want more than just sobriety.

You understand that to transform your life you must transform yourself.

You believe - or are willing to believe - you're worth investing in.

How much does it cost?

I offer this program and all of my courses with no cost to make sure they're available to anyone who needs them. If you find this program helpful once you're in there, please consider making a loving donation to ensure it stays available for the next person. Donations of any size can be made through PayPal's secure platform here and are greatly appreciated!

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Have you been working a recovery program that isn't working for you?

You Got This! Recovery is a leader in the recovery revolution that aims to heal the whole person. Here are a few ways we differ from traditional recovery...

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Don't Take It from Me

Check out these stories from others gaining freedom from addiction through you-powered recovery!

"Before I started working with Jace I was afraid that I would be judged or I would have someone who couldn't truly empathize with my history and my own set of circumstances (which I was convinced were the worst and most shameful of any living person with addiction). Not only was I wrong about the judgment, but Jace turned out to be one of the most empathetic people I have ever met. I've never been able to come up with something that seemed to surprise or phase her. With Jace, I am surprised time and again by her ability to provide nonjudgemental feedback that is valid and helpful in a very practical way."

- Heath Richards

"Having Jace as a guide has been absolutely amazing and life changing. It has been so empowering and it has helped me to understand myself deeper than ever before and to look at the roots when before I was just treating my symptoms. I'm so glad I pursued the opportunity to work with Jace because it let me know I could be completely open and honest and be met with love; and that has been such a beautiful and life enriching experience. I now have peace in my life and so much faith for the future ahead."

- Katie Thompson

"Jace has helped me find my center and feel relief at times of crises. She is very loving, compassionate and has always listened to me with an open heart and no judgment of where I am in my process. Jace is a bright light that has guided me to get out of my own darkness."

- Ines Miller

"Jace has given me the support and confidence to ask for what I need in an intimate relationship, and my partner has been responsive! My new routines have enabled greater accountability and rigorous honesty, things I've found to be mandatory for my sobriety. After working with her I have a better understanding of how I tick and greater awareness of my progress."

- Erik Howard

What's Included?


A Guided Path of Recovery

Through a series of easy-to-digest lessons, I'll guide you on this holistic path of recovery.

Exclusive Bonus Content

Exclusive content to help you optimize your program and ensure your success.

Emergency Toolkit

Somatic practices to aid you in body and brain to make sobriety a breeze. Not just for emergencies!

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