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I'm Jace, and I help people free themselves from fear, addiction and the lie that they aren't enough.

I guide groups and individuals on the path of self-mastery, love and acceptance in a safe, shame-free environment.

We get real, go deep and have lots of fun along the way!

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Looking to gain freedom from addiction 
But find traditional recovery programs aren't for you?  

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Intro to Sex Addiction

What is sex addiction?
Where does it come from?
What can I do about it?

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An empowered alternative to traditional recovery programs. YOU have the power to free yourself from addiction.

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What can you expect from Jace?

Jace brings the information and tools needed to free yourself from limitation, fear and addiction in ways that are science-based and spirit-led. Whether hiring her to facilitate a workshop or to guide your path of recovery, you can count on three things:

Zero Shame

She maintains a shame-free space in all she does.


She is known for bringing light into the darkest situations.


She will meet you/your group where you're at and thrive from there.

Katie Rae

"After working with Jace's methods I now have peace in my life and so much faith for the future ahead."

Heath Richards

"I was blown away by her ability to provide nonjudgemental feedback that is valid and helpful in a very practical way."

Bill Moates

"While a therapist and a sponsor help me excavate and heal my past, Jace helps me construct an amazing future."

Roman Keller

"What Jace offers is more than mental and deeper than just coaching. It’s a huge blessing to work with such a real and open soul!"

Ines Miller

"Jace has helped me find my center and feel relief at times of crises. She  is a bright light that has guided me to get out of my own darkness."

Erik Howard

"Jace has given me the support and confidence to ask for what I need in an intimate relationship, and my partner has been responsive!"

People in recovery are beyond capable of achieving every possible greatness. 

We just need the right tools.

Start with this quick guide to habits exclusively tailored to people in recovery who refuse to believe their past dictates their future.

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Many recovery methods are outdated and outward focused. They don't work because they treat only the symptoms and operate under the false idea that there is something wrong with you.
NOTHING is wrong with you!
You have everything you need to free yourself from addiction.

If you’re fed up with putting in so much work and not getting to where you want to be in life or recovery, this could be your game changer!

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