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You are the common denominator in your life.

Investing in yourself is the most powerful way to transform your life on every level, and it's not as hard as you might think! 

How would you like to be madly in love with who you are and the life you live?


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Howdy, I'm Jace!

I help people free themselves from fear, loneliness and the lie that they aren't acceptable or enough.

I work with groups and individuals on courageous, intimate Self-discovery in a safe, fun environment. 

We get real, go deep and have lots of fun along the way!

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What I Believe & Why You're Here

I've tried to wear many labels over the years, and each sat heavy on my heart. I don't like being defined by what I do or which box I fit in. Nor do I define others that way. Instead I'll tell you what I believe and why I think you're here in this exact moment.

  • I believe I am here to grow my conscious awareness, to love unconditionally and be of service to others on this sacred path. How I do that is ever-changing, just as I am.

  • It often looks like holding talks, facilitating workshops and leading retreats but can also look like one-on-one guidance, online videos, serendipitous conversations at a coffee shop and ideas shared through the written word.

  • I believe it is the work of each individual to become intimately aware of the Self and fall madly in love with it. This may sound fluffy, but anyone walking this path knows it is often done in darkness, surrounded by scary creatures - and somehow it is uphill...both ways...in the mud.

  • Only the strongest, bravest among us ever attempt it. It is these sacred warriors who I honor and love to serve.

  • While in human form, we are not intended to do this work alone. We are designed to work, grow, laugh, heal, cry, fail, triumph, experiment and explore with other humans. 

Whoever enters the Way without a guide will take a hundred years to travel a two-day journey.



I have been met by guides every step of the way - even in those times when I felt certain I was alone. I have come to realize that this path is not a straight line nor a winding road. It is a spiral leading to and from Source.

It is here on this spiral where we meet, perhaps not at the exact same point on the journey but at the exact right moment. 

If you've found me, it is likely that I have information to help guide you at this place in your work - or perhaps you have a message for me (maybe you don't even know it). I invite you to get curious about it!

Explore this site to see if there is something you need that will help guide you.
If you feel called, reach out to me directly.

Life's greatest adventure awaits!

Working in the Gift Economy

Accepting contributions instead of charging fees allows me to work in an authentic way that is healthy for me and healthy for the world. Sharing within the gift economy means serving without the restrictions and toxicity of the traditional business model.

If you feel I have helped guide you on your journey through content or connection, and you have a desire in your heart to offer a gift to me, you can learn more about the the gift economy and make a contribution below.


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Meet Jace

If you'd like to learn more about my journey, past and present, and who I am here is the place!


Absolutely everything is connected. It is important to honor each part of you and every season. For that reason, this blog covers many areas.

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Check out the video library for years of content made to enhance your journey, relationships, love & life. New videos released weekly!


I LOVE creating and sharing helpful resources. New stuff being created now. See if anything speaks to you!

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If you'd like to connect, don't hesitate to reach out to me here!

Work Together

Learn more about the power of working together individually or in a group. 

Do You Dread the Holiday Season?

The majority of people experience an increase in stress, anxiety, depression, loneliness, isolation and unhealthy coping mechanisms during the holiday season. But this year, there's another option! Join me for a weekly group support call to have a happy, healthy holiday season in 2019 and start 2020 off strong!

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