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What Up, Recovery Fam!

This entire website as well as every other resource you'll find here was created for one simple reason: help badass people in recovery get more out of life.

No, not more - EVERYTHING!


I operate with one idea (and it makes lots of people uncomfortable):
People in recovery are far more capable of leading boldly satisfying lives than any other demographic.
Every recovering addict's origin story should have ended the same way: DEATH - but they don't.



We haven't survived abuse, mental illness, trauma and active addiction.
We ardently fought to stay alive, and we know the magnitude of aliveness.
As people in recovery, living is not a passive institution - it is an active art - One we don't take for granted.

With the right tools, you can have a life so satisfying
it inspires (and kinda angers) everyone you meet!

Jace has helped me find my center and feel relief at times of crises. She is very loving, compassionate and has always listened to me with an open heart and no judgment of where I am in my process. Jace is a bright light that has guided me to get out of my own darkness.
-Ines M, 2 years in recovery

Any of this ring a bell?

  • You're really trying to work your recovery program but aren't able to stay sober longterm.
  • Your life has improved a lot since joining recovery, but you feel like something is missing.
  • You want to show up better for your family, in your community and at your job.
  • You feel stuck where you're at with the tools
    currently available to you.
  • Parts of your past are limiting your future and disrupting your present.
  • You've tried self-development programs outside of recovery, but they never seemed to work for you.
  • You're sober but not fully satisfied with your life.

If you were just like,
Whoa! How did she know that???

It's because I've been there. All of there, and I've worked with many others who have been there too.

Not gonna lie, it wasn't my favorite place to be.
I HATE feeling stuck - trapped - stagnant. LIMITED.

And you know what? There was no reason for me to be there, and there's no reason for you to be there either.

Here's the thing, the purpose of recovery is to help us get sober. It isn't designed to take us to the next level after that. The tools I gained there were invaluable, but they stopped being enough when I wanted more in life.

I knew I was willing to go to any lengths - recovery taught me that - I just needed to know what the hell they were and how to get there. And thus my journey began. 


Through working with Jace, I've been able to access a level of recovery that didn't feel available to me before. Working with her has allowed me to take the principles and concepts we learn in recovery and put them to use in a very practical way in my day to day life. My life has changed, because I feel connected for the first time ever. I feel authentic. That's the greatest gift I've received from recovery.
- Heath R, 12 years in recovery

Do you know what I found?

There is one major limiting belief surrounding recovery: SOBRIETY as the end goal. It is one of the biggest reason addicts have been failing to fully recover for the last 100 years.


Don't Settle for Sober!




What do you mean,  Don't Settle for Sober???

Before beginning recovery for sex addiction I was already on a journey for self betterment. But there was a problem - it wasn't really working. I spent years studying happiness, wellness, high performance, habits, law of attraction and everything in between, but I was missing a crucial element to obtaining the life I wanted. For me this was sobriety. Without it, I could not come close to getting all I wanted out of life. 

Joining recovery was a major turning point for me. It brought me back from a place of suicide, isolation and self-hatred. It introduced me to new tools, guided me onto a new path and provided me with a new community.
I genuinely owe it my life. 

Once in recovery, my life started to get better pretty quickly. I learned how to cope with pain, how to experience my feelings, and how to relate to people in healthy ways. It changed how I showed up in the world. 

And yet, something was still missing.

Yes, I was sober, but I still didn't have the life I wanted. This is when I began combining my extensive background in the world of self development and everything I was learning in the amazing world of recovery. In doing so, I found that I have limitless opportunities in this life, not despite the fact that I'm an addict, but because of it. 


Sobriety was no longer the end goal.
It was only the beginning!

As someone recovering from trauma, addiction 
and a myriad of mental illnesses,


I needed a program that 
united BILL W with LES BROWN 


Problem was, it didn’t exist. 

So I created it!

I started seeing BIG results when I merged the world of recovery with my long history studying high performance, wellness, 
law of attraction, prosperity, mindfulness, habits, 
spirituality, relationships and neuropsychology.

I’ve spent the last 4 years combining all of that into Recover Life Coaching because I believe people in recovery are 
not only as able as "normal people" but far more capable of achieving 
a boldly satisfying life.



Jace embodies so many wonderful characteristics of a coach: genuine, honest, compassionate, caring, kind, empathetic, responsive, available, experienced and wise. She always has my back, even if that means sharing some things that will be hard for me to hear. Jace is fun and energetic and goofy!
-Erik H, 7 years in recovery
After applying the tools that Jace presented to me I am now getting the results I was looking for in my journey. I have gained a better understanding of problems I have and the solutions for them. Jace kicks butt!

- John R, 3 years in recovery

How Does It Work?

Master Your Mind

Addiction resides in the brain. Do you know what else? Everything! The brain is our operating center, without honoring and mastering this, it's nearly impossible to stay sober and go to the next level. This includes the physical, mental and emotional elements.

Take Control of Your Life

Or better yet, give up the perceived need for control. Discover what you actually can control then get the skills to become an expert in those areas. Your life will never be your own until you are in charge of these key areas of your life.

Free Yourself Forever

Free yourself from the past, from limitation, from triggers. Unchain yourself from the struggle and ongoing anxiety. Let go of toxic relationships. Be free to be exactly who you want to be and live a life so boldly satisfying it baffles and motivates others!

What I liked most about interacting with Jace was getting to know someone who experienced many of the same things I did. She was great at providing long term caring support, and I liked that I could tell her anything with no fear of judgement.
-Tanya C
, 2 years in recovery

Have a question?

I believe talking about difficult subjects is crucial for a healthy life (and society). This is a space where we're able to talk about any and everything. We do so openly, honestly and without shame or judgement. Ask away!

You've got recovery down.
Wanna know how to go beyond?

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- Jace