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Jace Downey is such an engaging and dynamic speaker! She presented at our WOMEN Inspired Entrepreneurs event. Her keynote presentation was educational and eye opening. The material truly resonated with our WOMEN, many of whom are looking for expert advice on building their own businesses and growing personally.

- Michelle Johnson, CEO Blooming Your Social

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Jace is a tireless rebel of the status quo. She is a heart-centered badass on a mission to guide others to their inherent magnitude. She is often referred to as “brave,” “authentic,” and “totally weird,” all of which she is happy to own.

She brings a warm and refreshing voice to any topic. She has the ability to lead others into their scariest places with a sense of calmness, courage and confidence.

Jace has been featured internationally on television, podcasts, magazines, websites, articles and documentary film.

She’s fun and gives amazing hugs. If you meet her, you’ll probably like her.


Jace began speaking publicly in 2015. She has been featured onscreen, online and in print across the globe as a pioneer in battling stigma surrounding addiction and trauma, shifting the way people perceive adversity, and empowering others to use their past to build their future. Her boldly authentic YouTube channel has grown to over one million views with 7,800+ subscribers.

She is known for being an insightful, engaging speaker who captivates and surprises audiences with humor, authenticity and compassion. She is recognized for making difficult subjects easily approachable through safe and fun environments.


Favorite Workshops Include:

  • The Secret to go from Powerless to Empowered
  • Healing Through Personal Storytelling
  • Loving Yourself, Others & The Universe
  • Conscious Connection: Use the Internet, Don't Let It Use You
  • Your Comfort Zone is Killing You
  • Meditation: Not Just for Monks, Hippies and Instagram Photos

Powerful Talks Include:

  • The Most Important Story Ever Told
  • The Skeleton Union: What would happen if all of the skeletons in our closets unionized?
  • One Day to Change Your Entire Life
  • The Secret Killing Every Community: the Danger of Hiding Addiction
  • The Effects of Sex Addiction at Home, in the Office and within the Community

What People Are Saying About Jace!

Jace is a pioneer truth teller!

- Staci Sprout, Author
Naked in Public

I’ve seen Jace present before, so I was excited to have the opportunity to hear her tackle the topic of Social Media and Conscious Connection. From the very beginning, Jace took her audience to a very real and truthful place about their relationship with phones, computers and social media! Jace managed to make a difficult and controversial topic fun and light.

- Wendy Irwin, Owner Coaching & Prespicacity

Jace is like if the Buddha did standup!

- Matt Lemke, Owner  Lemke Productions

Jace is an incredibly forward thinking individual, committed to helping others help themselves. She has a very charismatic cadence and genuine style that allows her to reach people of all sorts.

- Bijan Rahnamai, Engineer - Q2 Banking

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